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9 Simple Rules for The Holidays

1. Show personality, and send out a signed holiday card in the mail (not with your name imprinted). If snail-mail is out of the question for you, create an email with a nice graphic or even a video message.

2. Accept invitations and attend the holiday events you are invited to, even if it's a "drive by" only for a few minutes. This is key to having an enjoyable time and interacting on a personal level. And don't get crazy or drunk and end up being the subject of the guests the next day. Please be courteous enough to RSVP ASAP.

3. Give appropriate gifts to customers -- and please, if they don't drink, don't send booze. Know them!! If you send food, make sure they aren't traveling and will be at home or at the office to accept your gift. My favorite (and always gets a great reaction) is the big apples with chocolate and nuts on them from Mrs. Prindables.

4. Another nice way to show your appreciation is to take your customers to lunch. Extend dinner invitations to your best customers. If need be delay it till January if they are too busy.

5. Take part in staff grab bags or similar gift exchanges. Underwear or re-gifting is unacceptable.

6. Try to go to lunch and/or take part in a pot luck lunch with your team. Splitting the bill is fine, but if you are the boss, please pick up the tab or buy the entrée for the pot luck.

7. For vendors or others who have been helpful to you in your career or who have had an impact on your results, consider giving them a small token of thanks. My experience is they will do even more for you down the line.

8. Please consider donating time and or money to those in need…from toys to food banks.

9. Smile a lot and enjoy the season. Reflect on the year's highlights, learn from the lowlights and think big for 2017.

Sidebar: If you are a Cubs fan – you got your gift of a lifetime.



Vet Tix Unveils First Television Public Service Announcements

Reveals a unique way to show appreciation for veterans and members of the military, helping them reduce stress and stay engaged with their local communities.

2016 NAB Show – LAS VEGAS – Veteran Tickets Foundation (Vet Tix) will be launching its first national television public service announcements (PSAs) in Las Vegas at the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) Show at booth NU3. The two PSAs, titled “Give the Experience” and “I Gave Thanks,” are aimed at showing appreciation for veterans, active duty military and family members of those killed in action (KIA) by helping them attend sporting events, concerts, performing arts and family activities. Attending these events reduces stress through entertainment, strengthens family bonds, builds positive, life-long memories and encourages service members to stay engaged with American life and local communities.

Vet Tix Press Release

Studio Spotlight

Vet Tix In Time Magazine 

We are very proud to announce that Time Magazine donated a full-page ad of our Vet Tix blue soldier print PSA in their 100 Most Influential People issue due out the week of May 02-09. With over 3 million readers, this will hopefully attract both new ticket donors and Vet Tixers.


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Customer Testimonials 

Al's experience and creativity has enhanced our brand image to be award winning. Our publicity has increased which has impacted our results to serve more veterans.

Michael A. Focareto  (Veteran, U.S. Navy)
Chief Executive Officer/Founder
Veteran Tickets Foundation

We asked Tiffany to be our band aid solution to our social media efforts- she hit a grand slam that evolved  in a wonderful partnership.

Crystal Patriarche  
President & CEO
Book Spark

Al's reputation in the community is spot on and has opened doors and partnerships to what were once previously closed.

Jeremy Babendure,Ph.D
Executive Director
Arizona SciTech Festival